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DOB is a psychedelic, like LSD, but the trip that lasts much longer. It's scientific name is 2,5- Dimethoxy-4-bromoamthetamine.

Just how long does it last? That depends on the dosage. Low doses can be over in 6-12 hours. Higher doses last for up to 16 hours, and heavy doses can last 24-30 hours. DOB takes a long time to come on: 2 hours is common, and it can be up to three hours.

The dosage is very small compared to Ecstasy, but quite large compared to LSD. DOB can come on a blotter, or in small pills. A light dose is under 1 mg, and a heavy dose about 3 mg, whereas with MDMA the dosage is typically 60 - 100 mg.

Chemically it is closely related to Nexus (2CB) and to DOM (a.k.a. STP), and distantly related to MDMA (Ecstasy) and Speed. DOB's effects are a lot like those of LSD, and not much like Ecstasy at all.

DOB by itself can be dissociative, but generally only becomes so at high doses. There are reports of people doing high doses of DOB and becoming extremely incoherent, delusional, taking off their clothes in public and running around, getting arrested, etc. Pretty much any psychedelic can become 'dissociative' at high doses, so this is not a unique phenomenon.

Unlike with LSD, large doses can be medically dangerous. Significant overdoses can cause serious constriction of the blood vessels in the extremities, possibly resulting in nerve damage and/or gangrene. The use of DOB can also be a problem for those with circulatory problems, heart ailments, glaucoma, hypertension, hepatic or renal disease, aneurism, or stroke history.

DOB can be dangerous if mixed improperly with other drugs, especially MAOI's or other liver-enzyme affecting chemicals. Mixing with stimulants is not recommended.

Is it illegal? In most places, yes. In South Africa, "4-meth1-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine (DOM) and the derivatives thereof." are illegal, which means DOB as well.

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