Addiction Action Campaign Services



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Telephonic counselling and advice

Is someone you love or know using drugs? do you think you're drinking too much? Are you concerned that you may not be able to control your sexual urges? If there is any question you may have that you need an answer to call us during 9am - 5pm 0n 0725225325 or contact us via email.

Referrals to Clinics, Treatment Centres and Shelters

Don't know where to turn to? Not sure what kind of treatment you can afford? Can't find somewhere to go to for help? Don't have any money for help? Call us during office 9am - 5pm on 0790663382 or contact us via email.

Educational seminars (nationally)

Would you like our team to visit your school, office or organisation and educate you of substance abuse, treatment and all you need to deal with the issue effectively? Call us during 9am to 5pm on 0725225325 or contact us via email. See a promtional video of the DRC here.


Is someone in you family losing control? Would you like a professional to assist you in intervening? We can provide professional staff nationally to do an intervention for you. Call us during 9am to 5pm on 0725225325 or contact us via email.

The Addiction Action Recovery Foundation

The AAC will be establishing a fund to assist families and individuals financially with recovery grants. For more information on the fund, call us during 9am to 5pm on 0790663382 or contact us via email.


The AAC represents the rights of all South Africans on the issue of substance abuse. Have you been abuse in a treatment environment? Do you have an issue which needs to come to light? Don't know how to speak to government about your issue? Need to? Call us during 9am to 5pm on 0725225325 or contact us via email.

Clinics, Drug Rehabs etc.

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Our facility is modelled after a healthy family environment allowing our participants to heal the internal damages and create a new future for their own families. Meteffect is situated in Polokwane, contact us today!



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