Mixing Drugs


Each individual is different and drug interactions are complex. The best advice - avoid mixing drugs, including alcohol and prescription drugs. Some combinations can be deadly.


What happens

Ecstasy or LSD with Thinz (nor- pseudo ephedrine) or Bioplus or Ephedrine. This results in dehydration, heart palpitations and fainting and possibly death.

Ecstasy with large amounts of Alcohol is very dangerous. Dehydration can be exaggerated and can result in death.


Ecstasy with DXM is potentially lethal! DXM and MDMA (real ecstasy) are "contraindicated." This means that if they are taken together, it can create a life-threatening situation. This is because both drugs are metabolised through the same liver enzyme (CYP-2D6) and inhibit the breakdown of each other.


Ketamine or GHB or anti-depressants with alcohol can result in death (see Ketamin & GHB)


Poppers with Ecstacy or Speed or Cocaine or Crack results in heart palpitations, increased body temperature and blood pressure. It can result in strokes or heart attacks.

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